Three Rivers Saxophone Quartet Recordings


“Celebrating 25 Years”

This is our first CD. The picture you see here is the TRSQ members with the city of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania in the background. You see the Allegheny and Monongahela Rivers coming together to form the Ohio River at what Pittsburghers call the point. The downtown section begins with the point of a triangle and fans out for a rather interesting city layout. We hope that you will want to hear our CD. You will be able to see the program titles and order the CD right from these pages. If you would like to hear some sound samples, click on "program titles" below and that will take you to a page where you can select three samples from our CD. You can purchase this CD by clicking on the center picture below. Purchases are through

Photo: Bill Suttle

Background design: Todd Pascuzzi.



This is our second and latest recording. It is a Christmas CD featuring familiar Christmas Carols played in both a jazz style and also in a more traditional quartet harmony. The cover is an original artwork by our friend, artist and fellow saxophonist, Don Simpson. We met Don when he attended one of our Saxophone Workshops that we host each summer. When we asked Don if he would like to do our cover artwork he said he would love to and we started with ideas. We knew that we wanted cartoon characters representing us. We decided on what you see here and that led to the title being a cross between Mistletoe and Cartoons...hence "MistleToons". This CD is only available through our website as we are handling all phases of distribution. You can purchase this CD by clicking on the center picture below. Purchases are through

Original Artwork

Don Simpson


Next Project

"Exploring Pittsburgh Composers & Arrangers

(Working Title)

With this project, the TRSQ will feature works composed or arranged for Saxophone Quartet.

Mostly written for and dedicated to the

Three Rivers Saxophone 


Original Artwork

Don Simpson

Dave, Mike, Marcy, Marino

Here is a picture of the Three Rivers Saxophone Quartet in 2011.

February, 2011

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The picture on the left and the picture on the right show original members Dave Matthews & George Furlow, and long time member, Marcy Westerlund

Marino, George, Marcy, Mike


June, 2015